October rules!

So, the rest of October is going to be awesome. Between Halloween parties and general Fall weather happiness, I’ve got some exciting performances lined up.

First, on Saturday the 17th, the Toll Collectors will be playing three sets of music at Finnegans in Hoboken. We basically picked a bunch of our favorite songs (i.e.  not your “average” cover band songs) and mixed in some of our favorite Toll Collectors originals. We had such a blast the last time we did this and so stoked to do it again. Also, we just love Finnegans. Eoin (the owner), a musician himself, is a big supporter of the Hoboken music scene and has become a good friend of the band.

Next up, I start my residency at Maxwells in Hoboken on the 20th. I am so incredibly honored that Maxwells is supporting my development as an artist in this way. My focus will be on exploring jazz standards and old favorites. I’ve got some really amazing musicians working with me on this project so I am delighted to get started! These showcases will be free admission!

Finally, we close out October with a good, old-fashioned wild Halloween party at Maxwells. The Toll Collectors will be doing a full set of Cyndi Lauper songs and you better believe I will be in costume. Our friends Big Wake and Josh Klein & The Legends will be joining us as The Police and Phish respectively. There will be prizes! Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.

Stay tuned, because November has shaped up to be full of awesome!


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