I’m back again! For the like 12th time.

The last post made me giggle. It was over a year ago. I’ve been up to a lot.
Making LOTS of music with my band, The Toll Collectors. This band was basically born out of the collaborations I was doing with Jon and Josh in the previous posts… of 2+ years ago. We’ve gone through a few incarnations but we have finally locked in with this amazing lineup. We are exactly like Voltron. Exactly.

(Photo by Jeff Crespi 2015)
I have never been more thrilled from a musical standpoint. I have the most wonderful group of people who play music with me. We have the best time together and it shows. So many people have commented on the happy vibe we give out in both performances and pictures. It’s authentic. Just music and laughing. And lots of terrible jokes.
In addition to that band, I’ve begun singing some fancy jazz standards at a few places in Hoboken and Jersey City. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and now I am hooked. Stay tuned for more on that.
I finally have hit the right frequency with music. I have found a beautifully supportive and inspiring music community in Hoboken. Over the past couple of years I have formed invaluable friendships and connections. I’m so thankful to have finally found my tribe.
Come out and see us at Maxwells in Hoboken on Saturday 8/8!!


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