Is this thing on?

It’s been over a year. Wow.

Well, I’ve been busy. Momming. Musicing. Working. Knitting. Eating.

Momming. My kid just turned two. I had heard of the parental time warp but it is no joke. The tiny, (perpetually screaming) little turkey that I posted about in 2012 has become a person – with strong opinions, a love of cows and singing, and a pretty clear sense of humor. I’m not going to go on and on, but he is awesome.

Musicing. I have been doing a LOT of solo shows. I also started singing with a band called Secret Islands. I am so excited about this. I haven’t felt this musically inspired in a very long time. Many gigs coming up with them starting next month.

Working. Boring.

Knitting. Knitting keeps me from murdering people. It is the single most relaxing activity on the planet. I unfortunately have not done much other artsy crafty stuff. I need to get on that. And stop watching so much stupid television.

Eating. The eating has prompted me to start a new health program. I don’t want to call it a “diet”. I also don’t want to call it a “journey” because I find that term incredibly aggravating. Basically, purchasing and finishing a large bag of Cheetos last Saturday alerted me that it is perhaps time to start eating like an adult. Cheetos (as delicious as they are…) pretty much indicate that your eating habits have hit rock bottom. Cheetos are the crystal meth of recreational snack foods. I also may or may not have gotten some late night drive-thru fries after a gig a few days before that. But let’s not dwell on it.

I started the 21 Day Fix yesterday. I actually started to clean up my act on Monday but I didn’t officially get the package until Wednesday night. Basically it teaches you portion control and comes with exercise DVDs. I will admit that I found the whole thing a little silly when I first heard about it, but I’m noticing already that this is forcing me to make better choices. For instance, yesterday I ate a banana. I have probably eaten 10 bananas in my life. Sadly, that is not much of an exaggeration.

So I figure I’ll kind of chronicle this experience over here. I know a lot of people can relate to re-vamping their eating and exercise habits. It certainly can be a pretty big challenge so maybe we can help each other. High fives and such.

Also if you’ve missed me… you can follow me on Instagram. I post on there pretty much daily.

More words coming soon. Looking forward to it. Yay.


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