January’s happiness project (Update)

My January Happiness Project was mostly successful.

Go to sleep earlier. For the most part, I have been making sure I am at least IN bed at a reasonable time. I will read or watch one of my programs before bed. Some decaf tea.

Exercise better. There was definitely some room for improvement here. I got in some jogging sessions but could have worked in more. Last week I took the baby step of doing a mile a day – walking or jogging. Crawling. Skipping. Whatever. Mostly walking though.

Toss, Restore, Organize. This is kind of a ‘tip of the iceberg’ situation but I did manage to offload a lot of stuff. Some of my friends with tiny babies (or babies on the way) inherited a bunch. I sold clothes on eBay (which is totally thrilling.) I didn’t really organize. Or restore. But I have some ideas. Does that count? No. Not really.

Tackle a Nagging Task. I felt the most successful with this one because there have been several annoying things that I have been putting off. Insurance stuff (baarrrrf), oil change (boorrrrring), doctor appointments (cringe). Most exciting of all, of course, was getting new eyeglasses. Two pairs.

Act More Energetic. Eh. I drag my tired butt out of bed every day and deal with it. That’s just life. I didn’t really get this one.

I mean… ALL of this stuff is a work in progress. It’s not like I should stop doing these things. (Right?) So all in all, I feel that January was successful in terms of these goals. I also feel like keeping my focus to these few things was really helpful.


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