The Happiness Project – January.

Surely, you’ve heard of the book The Happiness Project. SURELY. I had started reading it last year and enjoyed it until I realized it was done in a monthly format. This of course freaked me out and I had to put it aside until the beginning of the year. My neurosis is deep and winding.

I’m basically always on a quest for self improvement. I’ve come to realize this is not a bad thing. I’ve also come to realize that solutions are never very profound. Many of them tell you what you already know. Putting the ideas into practice for the long haul is the real challenge. No book can do that for you. But I’m always interested in learning new approaches.

The Happiness Project walks you through a year to re-evaluate, re-adjust and re-direct your life toward happiness. Each month tackles a Does it work? I don’t know. It’s January.

So January’s task is to gain energy.

Part of gaining energy is reducing clutter. This rang out as a loud ugly bell in my mind because clutter is a big problem in my home. It’s a constant battle.

In an effort to purge, I’ve begun clearing out items to sell or donate. Baby items are particularly troublesome. Did you know that if you get water on a onesie, it multiplies?
Like Gremlins. This is a proven fact.

I’ve listed a few items on eBay so far. Many more to come. If you’re interested in anything in my eBay store, mention this blog for 20% off through January 2013. I will send a revised invoice.





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