Wardrobe Remix: Preggotron Edition. 29 Weeks

I am currently at 29 weeks… in my 30th week of pregnancyville. I’m definitely running out of steam more quickly these days, but all in all I feel really good.

I did not take a lot of outfit pics this past week and I’ll use the holidays as an excuse. Sounds good, right? So this is kind of a boring outfit post.

(Poochie helped me out with this one.)

I’m wearing a cozy wool tunic with a belt and leggings from Old Navy maternity. I got the tunic at Daffy’s I think.

Note the comfy boots. I will fully admit that I have never been a fan of this type of footwear. I may have even sarcastically referred to them as “fashion boots” in the past. Maybe. But I will now fully admit that they are a dream come true for my aching feets lately. I absolutely love them.

Moving right along…

Layers are my friend. I layer over tank tops pretty much every day… which is basically what I wore before I was pregnant. Today I wore a brown tank top, my favorite Gap sweater from 100 years ago, a multi-colored scarf that I’ve had forever, my Gap maternity jeans and Dankso clogs. Comfort goal achieved!


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