Happy Holidays!

I did not put up a Christmas tree this year. I knew I couldn’t get it up the stairs and the thought of taking it down several weeks later… blah blah blah… it just wasn’t happening. I’ll make up for it next year.

I still put up my other decorations though. These are my soft little snowman faces. They live in the bay window.


I’ve had this musical angel since I was a baby. It’s next to a picture of my little bean.


I strung up all of the thoughtful Christmas cards from friends and family.


They line our staircase with more little snowman faces.


And finally, the day before Christmas, I took some inspiration from Dottie Angel and made a little Christmas twig of my own.


I found a branch in our park.


I filled a vase with glass beads and little balls of yarn.


And hung up a few little ornaments.

DSC_0101I love the way it looks.


I’m pretty sure that I’ll be putting up a few of these again next year… along with our regular tree.


2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. sooooooo sweet!!! stringing up those cards is SUCH a great idea!!!!! we usually just fill up the fridge with them but I am totally stealing that idea next year! so so so so adorable!

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