I made BAGELS?!!!!

One of my daily reads is Food Coma, a blog that combines food and fashion. Yesss! So that’s where I found a recipe to make your own bagels. I was beside myself. Bagels are actually my favorite food. Seriously. I could eat them all day and all night. Butter, cream cheese… BOTH. I’m crazy like that.

On Sunday I decided to give it a try. I feel I should point out that I have tried and failed at making bread several times. I’ve wound up with weird, lumpy, often under-cooked blobs of un-edible goop. I felt very defeated in the bread realm. So let’s celebrate my courage here. I’m really brave.

I went back and forth between Food Coma and Sophisticated Gourmet‘s versions of the recipe. Both are clear and easy to understand. I’m happy to report that I achieved bagels!!! (I made plain. Baby steps…)


Now… pretty, they are not. But they are really delicious!

A bit of butter and a tall glass of ICED TEA (not beer).

I put the rest in the freezer to enjoy for breakfast this week! Hooray for accomplishment!!


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