Pinterest finds… owl hats.

I love Pinterest. I use it to search for recipes, decorating ideas and fun projects. Here are a couple that I’ve tried….

Around this time last year I posted about an owl cable knit pattern that I had been drooling over for a long time. I even vowed to add it to my new year’s resolution list. LO and BEHOLD, I did learn how to do it! Granted, I’ve not attempted a sweater, but I’ve made several hats using this adorable stitch using this pattern as a reference.

I made one for big people:

And I made one for a little tiny person:

This baby hat only had one owl:

I basically want to put knit owls on everything.

So, the next pattern that I tried was this  crochet pattern for another kind of owl hat:


Here it is on a creepy baby doll:

What fun projects have you found on Pinterest?


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