Wardrobe Remix: Preggotron Edition. Week 28.

Getting dressed each day becomes a bit more of a challenge the more preggatron I get. Things that fit two weeks ago might cut off circulation today. Maternity clothes are tricky. Sometimes they are cute and sometimes they make you look like a walking winnebago.

(I mentioned this to a friend who kindly offered that I was more of an airstream trailer – hahah.)

Despite all of that, I’m sort of enjoying the challenge. I never thought I’d like the accessory of a big belly. It’s nice not having to suck in. Really, really nice actually. Also, I’m contemplating wearing maternity jeans for the rest of my life. A soft, stretchy panel that expands with your belly?? Now THAT is comfort, my friends.

So anyway. I thought it would be fun to do some preggo outfit posts. (Better late than never? Yikes.)

Week 28/ 27 weeks (Can they make pregnancy math any more annoying??)

A lot of my pre-preggo clothes are still wearable. I’ve always been a fan of the empire waist.


I found this cute dress n the clearance rack at Target a few years ago. It was like $10.


The tights are maternity. All in all maternity tights are disappointing because they only seem to come in black and brown. I’ve gotten away with buying a size or two up of regular tights. Depends on the brand. The Merona tights from Target seem to be nice and stretchy… and they have the best colors.

This is a maternity sweater from Gap Maternity. I love this color pink.

27 weeks

It needed to be spiced up with some necklaces thought.


The beautiful birdhouse necklace was a gift from my friend E and I picked up the key necklace from the lovely ladies of Rubella Jewelry.

I totally took this picture in a JCPenney dressing room. That black shirt has little owls all over it. I’ve had it for a few years and it might be my absolute favorite shirt ever. I’m so happy that I can wear it with my baby belly.

Well, that was fun. Let’s try this again next week.

Now I’m off to get my hurr did.


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