Cookie Party

So the Maxwells show was a big giant blast. I, of course, forgot my camera so I have no pictures to share. I’m hoping some photos will surface. It would be nice to have documentation of my last full out pre-baby rock and roll extravaganza.

On SUNDAY my girlfriends and I had our first annual COOKIE PARTY at Kristie’s house. I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this. I LOVE cookies and I LOVE my crazy girlfriends.


There were cookies and crackers, blondies and bars.

Cookie discussion and loads of cackling…


Our buddy Caleb even helped us out by stuffing those little cheeks with cookies.

There was even a vegetable or two consumed.

At the end of the party, everyone lined up their cookies…

And we all went around the cookie buffet…

To take home a sampling of the delicious homemade treats.

It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.


5 thoughts on “Cookie Party

  1. Killer pics, as usual. What a fun and delicious afternoon that was! I did my penance by running my little heart out on the treadmill and bringing a big plate of cookies to the office, thereby looking like a hero.

  2. Yay! These are awesome photos Chris…thanks for sharing! PS I have eaten all your digestives already – I’m itching for more

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