Harkening back to my childhood… my absolute favorite cookies have always been digestive biscuits.
You: PARDO??
Me: Digestive biscuits are a British tea biscuit. They are also known by the more palatable name “sweet-meal biscuits.” Does that make you more comfortable?


Ok. So when I was a kid, my Grandmother would always have these at her house. Well, until I got there. I’m pretty sure that I polished off an entire box one time and then I got in trouble. What can I say? They are my FAVORITE. I even remember where they were in the kitchen (in the bread drawer with the metal thing on top…) Anyhoo…

I recently decided to attempt to make a batch of digestives on my own. It had never even crossed my mind that one could  make digestives. I thought they fell from the sky. I used this recipe and took a few liberties.

Most importantly, I added chocolate.

They’re not the same as store-bought digestives but they’re good. Verrry good even. They are not too sweet (which I like) though I think they’d be too bland without the chocolate. They’re crisp like shortbread and go great with a hot cup of tea with milk. Yeah.


4 thoughts on “Digestive…

  1. I love Mcvites Digestives but can’t get them in the US so my friend has to send them to me from England. I love Ginger Nuts too! Thanks so much for sharing a recipe. I’m bookmarking it.

  2. Hi Tia:
    I’m lucky that my grocery store carries them. There’s also another brand that they carry. The recipe comes out a bit different from the box biscuits. If you like shortbread though, you’ll like them. We didn’t have plain rolled oats, so I used a bit of sweetened oatmeal mix instead (is that cheating?). Also, I melted Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips and brushed on the tops. Let me know how they turn out for you!

  3. I thought I was the only one who grew up eating these! I didn’t think they could taste any better but adding chocolate must be amazing.

    1. Really?? No one ever knows what I’m talking about. I’ve actually never had the plain ones – only the chocolate covered ones. I’ll save some for you for next week.

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