I knit and crochet therefore I… compulsively buy yarn.

I’ve gotten a little better over the years. I don’t buy junk yarn anymore. I try to buy only for specific projects. I clear out and donate yarn a couple times a year. But even after refining my habits, sometimes I have half skeins leftover or the saddest stash items of all – unfinished projects that I’ve simply lost interest in.  Long story short, it takes effort to keep your yarn stash at bay.

That’s why every now and then you have to do a little bit of STASHBUSTING. (Oh word?)

So a stashbuster is a project that helps you use up your yarn stash. (I did not come up with this word. I simply enjoy using it.)

A quick and easy stashbuster for those of us with… um… difficulty concentrating… is a scarf.

This little number is actually a collection of swatches I made when I was learning how to knit.

I made rectangles of different stitches to practice. Then I made some crocheted rectangles too.

I crocheted them all together using the single crochet stitch. And hooray! A real scarf! That I can wear!

These kinds of projects are great if you feel like knitting or crocheting but don’t have a specific project in mind. You can just make a bunch of rectangles or squares…

… save them and eventually put them together to make a scarf or blanket. (Or anything else really… scarves and blankets are the easy way out.)

You can purchase some of my knit/ crocheted items here. Don’t forget to use code HOLIDAY25 at checkout for a 25% discount off your order!


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