Maxwells – 12.10.2011.

I’m playing a full band show at Maxwells in Hoboken this Saturday.

It’s a super important show for several reasons:

1. First of all, Saturday kicks off my 3rd trimester (gasp!). So, this will probably be my last performance for a while… until the Baby Pigeon hatches in March.

2. Second of all, this show will benefit the Pigeon Club, which is my husband’s recording studio in Hoboken. The studio sustained damages and lost several weeks of operation due to the flooding from Hurricane Irene in August. Proceeds from the show will go to offset some of the costs of these damages. It’s not only my husband’s studio – it’s the place where I’ve rehearsed and recorded for the past (*cough*) 9 years. It’s a great space with lots of vintage (and modern) equipment and its own special brand of  bizarre decor. My husband has more knick knacks than your Grandma. Seriously.

3. Third of all, you will be able to pick up a special edition compilation featuring the bands playing and others who have recorded there. Val Emmich was nice enough to record a song especially for this occasion (video below). And you’ll hear the very first official recording that I’m releasing. So yeah. VERY exciting.

I hope you can come out to the show!


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