hMAG Musicfest 2011

Last weekend, we played the hMAG Musicfest 2011 on Pier A in Hoboken. It was a blustery, sunny day with the perfect backdrop of the NYC skyline.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Special thanks to the band Pete, Wayne, Donovan and Jeff (l-r). These guys can be found playing in one (or both) of the following bands:

the milwaukees




Here is a video from hMAG with pictures and clips from throughout the day.


One thought on “hMAG Musicfest 2011

  1. As always you guys were awesome. You’re now true veterans of our music fest having played back to back in both years. Let us know if you’d like high-Rez images of you guys on stage. We’re still going through about 1800 images carefully selecting ones that will go into our next issue.

    Simon, Kevin, and Joe from hMAG

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