An interview with myself about the hMag Musicfest

Finally, here is the exclusive interview I did with myself about my upcoming performance at the hMag Musicfest. It was literally impossible to get myself on the phone. The number was ALWAYS busy. Cripes.

ME: So you’re playing the hMag Musicfest in Hoboken on 8/27. The event is being headlined by THE WALKMEN, features NJ favorites like 7Mornings and Hello Radio and is being hosted by WPLJ’s Jeff Miles.

Me: Yes, I’m beyond excited about this. I signed on to do the show without knowing that it would be such a big event. The lineup is awesome and hMag does an incredible job with all of their events. Also, I have a pretty big crush on the 7Mornings keyboard/ guitar guy. So, there’s that too. I’ll probably wind up doing a little stalking.

ME: That’s creepy. So you’re billed as a solo artist at this gig. What’s the deal?

Me: I am. Over the past few years, I’ve written a bunch of songs that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with. So they just kind of sat there, unfinished. This summer, I took some time to work through them and polish them up. I’ve done a few acoustic gigs in Hoboken and JC to showcase these songs and now it’s time to plug  in and share them with more people.

ME: Will there be a band?

Me: Yes! After sitting in with The Milwaukees several times this year, we thought it would be interesting to cook up a little collaboration. So, some of those guys will be joining me onstage at Musicfest for a 30-minute Rockstravaganza.

ME: So this is going to be nice and loud then?

Me: It’s going to be loud and dirty.
It’s been really great seeing these songs transform from small ideas to big honking powerhouses. The challenge was… 5 rehearsals, 6 songs. Songs that we’ve never played together. Songs that these guys had never even heard! So, that has meant learning, arranging and part-writing in a very small amount of time.  It’s been a crunch, but it’s been a thrill to work under that kind of pressure.

A time constraint like this forces you to think out of the box. Your goal is to make it work. You can’t get over-analytical about it. You’re spontaneous and a little more open to trying something different than what you usually do. For instance, a couple of the songs were only about 75% done as of 2 weeks ago. I buckled down and wrote those extra verses and tied up the endings. Instead of agonizing and analyzing, I just did it. It feels good to have them finished rather than in various stages of completion and left all over house… like all of my knitting projects. Perhaps the Milwaukees can help me with that as well.

ME: I don’t think so.

Me: No.

Come to hMag Musicfest THIS SATURDAY, 8/27. We hit the stage around 1:30pm. I hope to see you there!!!!



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