Tonight I enjoyed my favorite summer dinner – smart dogs and sauerkraut. I slice them up and fry them in a little olive oil then toss in the sauerkraut. That’s it. Sounds weird maybe… but it’s delicious. I also had some of my mom’s famous potato salad leftover from yesterday. Heaven.

Today I did my hair in rag curls…

… and apparently forgot to put on makeup. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

There’s a great tutorial here. I wasn’t alone. Looks like one of my favorite bloggers did the same today. They’re so easy and the results are kind of amazing. I’ll never buy curlers again.

Also, I’ve been taking outfit pictures a lot via Instagram. Here are a couple from last week:

The tights and dress are from Le Target.

I scored this little dress from Daffys in the beginning of the summer. It’s very comfy. I usually wind up wearing it with my favorite granny sweater and a fun brooch.

Oh and I parked next to this car the other day. I hope I didn’t drool on it.



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