Got my notary on yesterday

Since I was at the Courthouse in Newark for jury duty over the past two days, I was finally able to get sworn in as a notary while I was there. Hooray for accomplishment! I can’t wait to get notarizing!

Anyhoo, the facility  is actually really beautiful.

I’m obsessed with old buildings… all the stairs and the stone and the marble. I actually walked around a bit to take in some of the scenery…

The steps to the Hall of Records… with a giant (kind of scary) statue.

I loved these sleeping lion statues. Of course, they reminded me of Poochie and Martini. Pretty much any animal or cute thing reminds me of them.

And a lovely fountain with flowers. I could have sat there all day… if it wasn’t 100 degrees.
No really. 100 degrees.


One thought on “Got my notary on yesterday

  1. Yay! I am a notary too. I have stamps and book where I make everyone give me their right thumbprint. total geek. that building in newark is beautiful. I should have taken pictures of where I was in jury duty in Trenton because the building was beautiful as well but I didnt want to bring my camera . . . it was in a pretty shitty area . . .

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