Northern Soul show update

The show at Northern Soul in Hoboken last Thursday was incredibly fun.

It wouldn’t be a normal show for me though unless something ridiculous happened. My husband’s car broke down at his studio a few blocks from the venue. So, that meant I had to hoof all of the equipment up there by myself (THREE trips worth!) while he dealt with the car insurance company. This also meant that I’d be playing the gig by myself… (my husband was to accompany me on some songs).

So despite that madness thrown into the mix, the show went really well. I got to showcase several new songs and even had special guest singer Jim pop up for a song. Particle Zoo, my good friends, played before me and did a pretty fantastic job. Seriously, check them out.

I also got a nice review of my set from Mike on Click to see the write-up.

Thanks to all who came out to mingle and listen. Special thanks to Dave Entwistle who puts the shows together at NSoul. You all made my night!

I’m going to be in the process of changing things up on the site so keep an eye out for more music-related stuff. And some changes to the sidebar and general layout. I’ll definitely make mention as each change rolls out.

I’ll also be making some home, fashion and crafty posts (finally!) this week. Lots and lot to share.
Happy weekend!


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