Long skirts…

It was about two weeks ago when I decided that I want to wear more long skirts. I used to wear them a lot when I was a teenager. Part of my 90s uniform was a long flowy skirt and a pair of Doc Martens. (Which, incidentally, is exactly what I’m wearing today.)

Long skirts are effortlessly feminine AND unsurpassably comfortable. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time finding many in stores. I suppose its not a big trend this year… which is dumb. SO, I’m hoping to take a field trip to the GoodWill or Salvation Army tomorrow to see if I have any luck there.

So, I was able to find one skirt that I fell completely in love with. I bought this for myself a few weeks ago as a reward to myself for being so awesome. If I could get away with wearing it every day, I would. But that would be kind of weird.

Skirt from Anthropologie

The (very close) runner up was this guy. I keep stalking it to see if it goes on sale.

(PS – Dear Anthropoligie and Urban Outfitters, please make it easier for me to link to your site. I always link back and I hate having to hunt through Google Images. Thanks.)

This one from Delia’s is kind of irresistable.

And I know this isn’t a skirt, but I really love these jeans…

Keep in mind that I’m still rocking the April Challenge from last year. So I’ll have to hold off on any non-thrift store purchases until May.

Let’s see if I can do it.


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