I think I’m going to grow my bangs out. Again. (This usually lasts a month or two before I snap.)

The plan is to grow it all out and begin highlighting to get back to my natural color. Remember this?

But as we know, these things change… so we’ll see what happens.

Until then, I’ll try to train them back again. Bobbypins will be my friends.

And hats of course… Pasty McSickface…


4 thoughts on “Bang.

  1. Love the do’s ! I also have changed my hair quite a bit in the past year or 2 , lol …. I get so bored , so easily …. i’m thinkin maybe Manic Panic soon ? LOL what are your thoughts….

    By the way , you remind me of like a Claire Dane meets Fergie , but cooler, LoL …


    1. Aww thanks mama!
      I did ManicPanic last year in bright red. It looked great but what a MESS! Every time I washed my hair it looked like I murdered someone in my bathtub… (which was only true once or twice).
      A friend of mine who is a hairdresser recommended this stuff for bold colors but I can’t remember the name of it… I will commence research.

  2. ah the never ending to bang/or not to bang dilemma! i feel ya. hey when and if you get a chance, can you get a pic of you + rubella necklace? i will put in the facebook album of customer pics!

    1. Somehow I didn’t see this until today! Yes, I’m at my wits end with the bangs. I almost cut them today. It’s very stressful – lol!
      I’ll definitely send you a pic of the necklace. I’d love to post one here too.

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