Upcoming Events and New Hair Clips…

The holiday season equals chaos to me. Even if there is actually no chaos, I feel completely overwhelmed and disorganized. Sensory overload. Lists and receipts sprout of my pocketbook. I am dizzy with lights and the smell of gingerbread. It’s total pandemonium and I sort of love it.

I’m currently prepping for two craft shows and an art show. This weekend’s craft show is a benefit for the Salvation Army/ HOMEcorp. The LITM Little Wonders opening is on Tuesday and I’m excited to finally be showing some of my watercolor/ embroidery pieces. Yay.

Now that I my dining room is functional and I can actually work on a TABLE (gasp!) I got cracking on some hair clips for the craft show.

Every hair clip is different. Some are made with ribbon, some are made with tulle, some are made with both, some have crystals, some have beads… you get the picture.

The most important ingredient… (can be substituted with wine on weekends…)

Francine is finally ready for her big debut…

To wear all of the clips…

She’s a little creepy but I love her.


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