Fall in New Jersey

New Jersey gets a lot of flack. Since practically every channel has a NJ-based “reality” show, New Jersey’s reputation is constantly being battered and misrepresented.

I love New Jersey. I like living here. I’m here to tell you that a.) We do not all go tanning, b.) We do not all drive enormous SUVs with shiny rims c.) We do not all have big hair (though I totally do) and most importantly, NJ is not all factories and smokestacks.

Most people only see the area surrounding Newark airport which is admittedly an eyesore. However, I live about 15 minutes away from the airport and I get to look at this lovely stuff every single Fall day.

Here are some pictures from our walk around the neighborhood this morning.

And of course, my personal favorite…

Making fun of New Jersey makes puppies sad. You don’t want to make puppies sad, do you?


4 thoughts on “Fall in New Jersey

  1. Huzzah! I’m right there with you. We got so much NJ flack when we lived in the DC area. One year I had a NJ-themed costume party–one friend showed up as smog and another (dear guy friend who stands 6’6″) was a pregnant teenager with big hair. Of course, they did this to mock me, and they were quite successful. And, to be fair, my out-of-town friends are completely enchanted when they visit.

    But what I can’t fathom is people who have actually lived here and still can’t see the appeal. How did they miss the secret beaches, mountain waterfalls, hiking trails, ethnic groceries, renowned restaurants, artisanal cheesemakers, CSAs, street fairs, blueberries, apples, tomatoes, public radio stations, local bands, arts organizations, fair-trade stores, and amazing libraries?

    Makes me want to be their personal, overeager tour guide. But ultimately I say good riddance. Leave the good stuff for those of us in the know.

  2. JERSEY PRIDE ALL THE WAY!!! I love New Jersey in the fall ….. I lived in LA last year, for about 5 months during the winter/spring, and right at the beginning of summer, I started to crave Autumn in New Jersey, cuz there really is no season change out West…. I decided to move back, and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

    But anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my Halloween Moonlight Tea Party! Have a Happy Halloween! I can’t wait to see costume pictures, I’m sure you are cooking up something super creative! I know I am ! 🙂


  3. i like this post — it’s nice to stop and appreciate the little things. and i can understand state stereotypes…. i live in ohio and everyone assumes that i live on a farm in the middle of nowhere when in reality i live in a large city!

    that dog is so sweet!

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