First things first. I did dye my hair last night. I did mix my own colors. I did achieve a lovely deep auburn-y hue. I did photograph most of the process to share with you… I just wish it was a little redder. Meh. As you’ll see in the pics (which I’ll post tonight), I thought I was getting a more natural orange-y hue… but it came out really dark. I do like it. It’s the color of cherry cola. Ok. I’ll talk more about it later.

Anyhoo… it’s HUMP DAY. I almost forgot because of the long weekend.

Humpday is in it’s 3rd week! As you know by now I feature an item from my shop every Wednesday, tell you a little about it and offer a 20% discount PLUS free shipping on the item if purchased before the end of that week. WOOT.

Featured this week is a crocheted neckwarmer.

This cozy neckwarmer/ collar is crocheted using luxuriously soft recycled acrylic yarn.
Fastens with a large vintage button closure.
Keeps your neck cozy without the bulkiness of a scarf!

If you purchase this item on or before 10/16/2010 and put the code HUMPDAY in the “notes to seller”, I’ll send you a revised invoice. (Note: Please remember to use the code, otherwise I won’t know you came from my blog and therefore won’t know to give you the discount!)

Remember to check out my Facebook page for Halcyon Handmade.


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