Treasure Hunt

Over the weekend, I got wind of a vintage liquidation sale going on in the next town over from me. Pretty much every vintage-loving girl I know within a 5 mile radius made an appearance at it!

I got this pristine dress for a steal!
Treasure hunting...

My only regret is that it’s a summer dress and with the temperatures we’ve been having, I’ll probably have to wait until next year to wear it. I suppose I could pair it with dark tights and a cardigan. I don’t think I can wait that long!

On the way home, I spied a garage sale on my block and decided to check it out. I’m happy I did because I found some lurvely little treasures there. And the folks having it were super nice.

This necklace is crazy long and has the most delicious pattern.

Close up:

This chain is perfect. I’ve worn it every day (with this guy).


One thought on “Treasure Hunt

  1. When my grandfather was in the military, he visited Haiti. He brought back several of those pieces of mimosa seed jewelry. I still have a bracelet that he brought home for my Nana!

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