Weekend update: Birthday Edition!

I had a really great weekend.

On Saturday, we played the Harvestfest Street Fair in my town. We had a beautiful day and it was a lot of fun.
HT Harvest

I then had a DELICIOUS birthday dinner with this handsome guy:

And my beautiful friends:
(and some of their handsome guys who escaped the camera…)

On Sunday, my Mom and I went to a tea-house for a delicious lunch. I stuffed myself with scones, quiche and various desserts. Also, she got me these chihuahua salt & pepper shakers.
They’re pretty amazing.

OH and PS… remember this necklace? Well the lovely Bev surprised me with it for my birthday. Isn’t that the sweetest?

OH and my husband got me a telephoto lens and some filters for my camera! I can’t wait to work with them this weekend!

I’m such a lucky girl!

Make sure you check out my new Etsy shop. I just uploaded some new items! Want free shipping? Mention you’re a blog reader and you got it.


2 thoughts on “Weekend update: Birthday Edition!

  1. yay!! looks like you had a super fun birthday!! im sorry i couldnt be there 😦
    …and the necklace looks BEAUTIFUL! i’m so glad that little birdie told me that you wanted it hehehehehe.

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