Totally Awesome 80s Bachelorette Party

So on Saturday, we “surprised” Kristie by ambushing her and taking her to the Awesome 80s Prom in NYC.

I use quotes because she totally knew something was up. However, she didn’t expect to see her friends walking up to the restaurant in full-on 80’s garb. She also didn’t expect that we brought her a snazzy 80s outfit of her own… complete with a curling iron, a giant can of hairspray, blue eyeshadow and hot pink lipstick.

For starters, I must point out that I am actually an unabashed fan of 80s glam rock and jumped at the chance to make my hair as large as possible. I was living out the dreams of my limp-haired 13 year-old self. We’re from Jersey. We know big hair.

Kristie came correct with a pretty amazing hair sculpture of her own:

So we rolled up on Webster Hall:

We pretended that this limo was ours:

We took a class picture:

We lived on a prayer:

Andrea got picked up by the captain of the football team:

Bev canoodled with MC Hammer:

We partied like it was 1989:


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