Great Granny Square Swap Update!

Waaaaaay back in April, the lovely Amber hosted The Great Granny Square Swap.

We each made 21 (or 22?) granny squares and then received a square from each participant.
Some crocheters even threw in some extra surprises! I’ll post more about those soon.


When I received them, I knew exactly what I was going to do… it just took me several months to actually carry out the idea.

Here’s the scoop:

As you know, I’ve been lamenting the lack of decor in my studio.

What better way to decorate than with handmade pieces from fellow crafters across the country?!

I lined up all of the squares…

Poochie was nice enough to assist me…

Crocheted them together and made granny square garland!


I still have some left and would love to put it up all the way around the room… so I think I’ll be making some more! Also, how cute would a smaller square version be for a Christmas tree??? AHH! I need to get crackin’!

Thanks so much to all who participated. You’ve brightened up my studio and will inspire me whenever I’m working!


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