Cape May Vacation

A couple of weeks ago, we took a trip down to beautiful Cape May, NJ

I spent time on the beach with the sea pigeons…
Sea pigeons.

Wore my fancypants retro-style swimDRESS…

Visited local shops… are these buoys? Oh buoy. I have no idea.
Oh buoy.

Stupidly did not buy one of these birdhouses and continue to regret it…
Bird bird houses.

Stood in front of lighthouses… (does my hair look WAY lighter in this pic or what? Weird…)

Here’s a slideshow of all the pics from the trip. (Best viewed with captions on Flickr…)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s supposed to be really nice out this weekend. I am thinking about going to the zoo.


2 thoughts on “Cape May Vacation

  1. ok…in no particular order!
    1. i cannot believe how cute that purplie tie-dye dress looks on you. i need to send you another box of suprises soon!
    2. ive never been to cape may and ive always wanted to go!! it looks like the cutest place on earth.
    3. swim dress??? ADORBS.
    4. i was thinking about taking the remster to the tbz one weekend soon! we’re going to be in belmar — but if you dont go this weekend, we should totally coordinate!!!

    1. 1. I seriously wear something of yours several times a week.
      2. Let’s go. I would like to go in the Fall or even Winter. I think it would be interesting. There are a ton of beautiful Victorian bed and breakfasts.
      3. Yes. Love.
      4. If you want to do it on a weekday one time, let me know. I have vacation time and I think it would be less crowded.

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