Disappearing act…

I’m in a bit of a funk.
The rainy weather isn’t helping. Neither is the constant stream of depressing music I’ve hand-picked. Lots of Cowboy Junkies.

In spite of the fog in my head, I had a really wonderful weekend. On Friday night we had some sort of canteloupe mint lemonade summer cocktails at my friends’ new picnic table. Deeelicious.

Saturday, I went to visit another friend. She has the most magical deck on the Delaware River. We sipped watermelon margaritas and giggled the afternoon away.

Martini relaxed in his “cave”…

(It’s one of those reusable shopping bags with his favorite towel. It’s his happy place. He’s hilarious.)

On the way home, I noticed that I almost killed a giant bug with my back window wiper. Luckily I missed him. To my surprise though, he STAYED on my car for the 2 hour trip home.

WHAT?!?!? Totally nuts.

Also, I’ve had the idea in my head to make a little tulle headband for months. I finally carried it out. This is the first draft. I think I’ll make some more.

I have book club tonight to discuss the Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. I finished it up yesterday and went back to Practical Magic last night.

Somehow, I booked myself up with plans all week so my updates may be scarce or dumb.


4 thoughts on “Disappearing act…

  1. OMG! That canteloupe mint lemonade summer cocktail sounds AWESOME !! and I know what you mean about being in a funk… that was all of August for me … I think I blogged ONCE in the beginning of August , and I just blogged again this morning for the first time since then…. I just hate August …. August to me is like Sunday… You just know the fun for the Summer (weekend) is over and come September (Monday) , it’s back to the daily grind….

    BUT in Fall’s Defense…. tis the season to be witchy, AND I CANNOT WAAAAIIIT! i Guess it’s time to get crackin on my Practical Magic Blogger’s Party Plans, huh? God I’ve been so lazy !! O and our current participant count, is 158 bloggers!! How crazy is that !?!? I’m so excited !



    1. I got the mix at Home Goods… lol. It’s SO delicious.
      I’m also super excited about the Fall. As you know I’m already on board with my corduroy…. aahahahah.
      I’m almost done with Practical Magic and have been marking up the book along the way in preparation for my post! Which reminds me… I have to add the blog party banner, I think…

  2. I’ve been dying for Fall and this weather is making me a little grumpy too. I think it’s the fact that it gets darker here earlier than at home and it sort of makes me sad.

    1. Kara this has been an especially crapola week weather-wise. I think that once the Fall comes around you are going to love it. The leaves… I seriously can’t wait.
      I hope you’re settling in and getting comfy!

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