Blog With Substance Award!

Thank you thank you, Justina of La Boheme Magique for passing the Blog of Substance Award to me.

Such a sweetie! Justina is a talented singer, songwriter, artist and photographer. She has a truly whimsical aesthetic. We like so many of the same things! You should stop by and say hello to her.

Now, to follow the rules of this award, I will sum up my blogging motivation, philosophy, and experience using 5 words,
1. Photos. (I’ve always been a picture book kind of girl)
2. Crafts (Needlework, crocheting, knitting, vintage patterns, painting, making pretty)
3. Music (Songs I like or songs I write)
4. Beauty (In nature or in fashion)
5. Dogs? (I’m a freak.)

And now for the fun part.

I’ll pass the award on to 5 of my favorite “bloggers of substance”!

1. Coltivi
Gardening and food porn from my good friends Mark and Kate. I challenge you to check it out and not get hungry. Seriously. Go. I’ll wait.

2. From Scratch
Emma’s recipes and food-related narratives are charming, funny and mouth-watering. Citrus Risotto with Asparagus? Pasta salad with garlic and herbs? I know. I know. I’ll wait again. Bring me some cupcakes.

3. Strumpets Crumpets
Becky and her dog Mickey are a dynamic duo in all things crafty. They crochet together, embroider together, drink Starbucks together all while looking fabulous.

4. Red Dirt Revival
Chelsea just launched this site dedicated to her delicious vintage finds as well as sharing her online treasure hunting highlights.

5. I Just Might Explode
I think I came across Kara’s blog via a wardrobe remix feature. Kara captures the excitement and trepidation of growing up in a startlingly beautiful and honest way. Her photos and design are really incredible.

And there you have it.
Thanks again, Justina! This was fun!


5 thoughts on “Blog With Substance Award!

  1. Thanks sweet gal!! 🙂
    bahahaha the description you wrote cracks me up!!!!
    gotta go check out these other ladies!

    ps the top justina link isn’t workin – but the bottom one is!

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