Catching UP!

Hey guess what? I’m alive!
Cool, huh? I’m not going to bore you with excuses. Life gets busy. We all know the drill.

The good news is that in my absence, I’ve collected lots of good news to share.

1. I’m learning how to KNIT!!!!!
And I’ve been knitting… and knitting… and knitting… ever since. What am I going to make? Who knows?! I’m just having a great time with the process.

2. I’ve discovered huckleberry lemonade cocktails at Egans in West Orange.
I think this may become a weekly indulgence with my girlfriends.
Huckleberry Lemonade @ Egans in West Orange

3. I was chosen as a “blog with substance” by my lurvely little fairy friend Justina!

I’m going to dedicate a full post to this later today.

4. I’d like to bring you the AUGUST CHALLENGE!
The August Challenge is simply a commitment to do one post per day (every day) through the month of August. Even if it’s just a quick thought or an iPhone photo. Easy peasy.
August Challenge copy

As always, if you want to join in on the challenge, please do! (Here’s a smaller version for your blog.)
August Challenge copy

5. What Would Joan Do posts begin this week. WOOT!

And that’s it!
Curly hair day.


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