Just finished watching the season premier of Mad Men. I’m very excited for this season. If you’re a Joan fan, make sure you check out my post below featuring my Joan-inspired illustration on Zazzle.
I hope to have a What Would Joan Do post feature up later this week.

Last week was pretty hectic – lots of music stuff.
I sang the national anthem at the WPLJ/ Channel 7 Charity Softball game on Wednesday:

Courtesy of WPLJ
Then we played Maxwells for the HMag Music Fest with our friends 7Mornings and Red Flag Fleet. It was a blast.

Courtesy of Stone Laraway

This week has lots more rehearsals in store though I’m hoping to get some crafting done. I’ve been crocheting up a storm in my “free time”… hahah. I’m working through a stash of organic cotton yarn that’s been sitting in my craft room for *cough* a couple of years. I’m granny squaring and guessing it will turn into a blanket. I’ve also been working on the poncho I posted about, though I think that will most likely turn into a blanket, too. We’ll see.

OH! And I’m in the process of trying to organize my yarn in the hopes that I will use it instead of buying more. Do any of you crocheters or knitters have suggestions? I have some in a shoe organizer… but I’m stuck. Do I organize according to color? Fiber type? Weight? AGH. I’m thinking color but I don’t know. I’d love to hear suggestions.

Have a great week!


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  1. Do you have any videos of the national anthem performance !?!? How did you do? I think I would be way to nervous about singing the national anthem… if you screw it up , then you’re the laughing stock of the century LOL! I’ve been trying to get some crafting in as well… I started working on my Practical Magic Party Project…. I think it’s going to come out really awesome when it’s finished !! And I got my books in the mail the other day !! so excited !

  2. I don’t think there is any video footage of it. I’d like to hear it back. I guess I never realized that it was such a rough song to sing. I started out pretty low to compensate for the end. I think it went ok though. (I did start to panic right before I went on though… terrified I’d forget the words!)

    I’m still not 100% sure about what I’m doing for my PM post. I have an idea but I’m going to wait until it’s a little closer to the date. I’m still reading mine. I love it so far.

  3. I have tons of yarn too, and no idea what to do with it. i learned the basics of crochet, but can’t seem to comprehend how to make anything any more complicated. 😦 I want to make a blanket!

    1. Oh blankets are easy peasy. If you know how to make a scarf, you know how to make a blanket. They just take longer. That’s why I’ve only made one. I’m a little impatient and have the attention span of a flea!

  4. Your having a super exciting life right now 🙂 very awesome!!!
    I barely have time to crochet and my life is boring lolol
    I’d go by color and maybe type (thickness) 🙂 Take a photo of all your yarn – yarn photos make me happy lolol

    1. Thanks Becky. So color and thickness.
      Here’ s my other issue… cotton v. wool v. acrylic. Do I separate those out?
      Do you mix fibers in projects? I generally don’t! And I think I may be missing out.

      I’m sorry. I’m nuts.

      Oh and once I’m organized, I’ll definitely send you a pic. (Disclaimer: This may be years from now)

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