What Would Joan Do…?

It’s been a crazy time around these parts. Working, rehearsing, celebrating birthdays and a belated Father’s Day. So crazy that I’ve been unable to tell you what I’ve been dying to tell you.

First of all, my favorite character on television is the lovely Joan Harris (née Holloway).

Undoubtedly, if you’re a fan of Mad Men, you’re a fan of Joan. And if you’re not, we need to have a long, serious conversation about that. Joan, (via the brilliant stylists of Mad Men) is fashion perfection. Always impeccably dressed… not a hair out of place… curvy… controlled, yet scathing… occasionally vulnerable yet never weak. I love Joan Holloway.

So without further delay, I want to share my newest illustration paying homage to the inimitable Joan!

I set up a Zazzle shop where you can purchase your very own “What Would Joan Do?” paraphernalia. Bags, stickers, T-shirts… and anything else you can imagine!

Also, big news!
Tomorrow night, I”ll be singing the National Anthem at the WPLJ/ Channel 7 Charity softball game benefiting the Huntington’s Disease Society.


8 thoughts on “What Would Joan Do…?

  1. Do you know I’ve never watched it?! Crazy huh!? I bet I’d love it too!
    How exciting to sing in front of such a large crowd! 🙂 Good luck! You’ll do awesome!

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