Today  my pal – fellow blogger, craftygal and musician Justina –  posted about some of her favorite simple moments. This inspired me to take a look through my pictures and pick out some of my favorite moments of 2010 (thus far!)

Here they are (in no particular order)

Taking Martini out in the snow for the first time. (He is not a fan.)


Making a little recording studio in my living room.

Living room studio land

The time we took the cat for a walk around the neighborhood.


Fabulous cocktail party with my best friends.

Delicious cocktails

Who has a giant head NOW???

Another favorite exhibit

Reflecting in the Florida Keys.

The time I had a picnic in my backyard with the dogs.

Dinner dates in the outdoor dining room.

Outdoor dining room

Peaceful little puppies napping together on the couch.

Mah Puppehs


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  1. Awwwwww I love it… the living room recording studio looks great, and the taking the cat for a walk is HILARIOUS…. did that go over well? It always cracks me up when I see cats on leashes… cuz that happens…. so… often… LOL the few times I have seen it , it makes me chuckle hahah

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