Summer Soundtrack

Apparently I am very lazy in the summertime.
Last night, I came home from work with plans to go to yoga and then straighten up my art space. Instead, I flopped on the couch and complained to my dogs about how hot it was. Then I went out and got myself some ice cream. That’s it!

So since I have nothing interesting to write about in terms of projects… I’ll talk about summer music.  So far, the following are in heavy rotation on my summer soundtrack:

  • Elizabeth and the Catapult
    (I fell quickly and passionately in love with this band.)
  • Yukon Blonde
    (Why is this a picture of Alicia Keyes?? )
  • Aimee Mann
    (I may have posted this song before.)
  • Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
    (If you don’t shake a tail feather to this song we should probably break up)
  • 50s and 60s  radio on Rhapsody
    (The Blob song. I heard it for the first time in my life last week and my head almost exploded. It’s worth your while to wait for the singing to come in.)

    (Walk Away Renee by The Left Banke…. I love this song. )

If you’re in NY/ NJ, my band is playing a show on 7/24 at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. You should come. Seriously. We’ll have fun.


2 thoughts on “Summer Soundtrack

  1. CHRISTINA!! I had no idea you sang! And you’re wonderful too! Man. I wish I lived in NY/NJ area because I’d totally come support. You know, like paint my face and wear an “I Heart ‘Hey Tiger'” T-shirt? Yeah. it’d be awesome.

    p.s. stop by the blog today! We’re doing a giveaway!!

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