I was watching a (too embarrassing to mention) movie the other day in which one of the young girls was wearing a poncho. The story was set in the early 1970s and I thought it looked really cute.

While I generally find ponchos a little scary, I figured this would be an easy project to try so I started working on one. It’s basically a giant granny square with a hole in the middle. My thought is that if I keep it simple (color-wise) and feminine, it could be cute to wear on a summer evening at the beach… or something.


Source (Look at those gauchos! YIKES!)


Thoughts on the project:
1. I don’t know how I am even entertaining this thought in 100-degree weather.
2. The draping situation concerns me. I’m using a shell stitch which can be pretty stiff.
3. This could come out looking really cute – or really horrifying.

In any case, it’s an easy project to work on while watching tv. (I can’t have idle hands.)
And if all else fails and I don’t like the way it turns out, I can make it into a blanket.


3 thoughts on “

  1. LOL it is SOOOO freakin hot. The thought of wearing a poncho right now makes me feel itchy… although, ask me again in the fall, and I’ll totally be a fan!

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