Summer dress makeover

We all have them… garments that seemed like a good idea when we bought them.
Maybe we were trying out a new style. Maybe we were having a “skinny day”. Maybe the bargain was just too good to pass up!

Last year I purchased this lovely little frock for about $10.00. The flowy light-weight cotton is perfect for the summertime but I was not particularly crazy about the colors. They’re a bit bright for my taste. I tend to prefer muted colors with statement accessories.

Dress Dyeing

I was able to give this dress a little makeover for under $2 and 2 hours!

I picked up some RIT dye from the grocery store, threw caution to the wind and tossed the dress in a sea of denim blue:
Dress Dyeing


I soaked the dress for about an hour and rinsed twice.

The “too-bright” dress in the back of my closet…
Dress Dyeing

… became a more understated, versatile garment!
Dress Dyeing

Admittedly, the dress looks a bit drab in this picture. (I partially attribute this to the drizzly weather we’ve been having.) In any case, this color combo is a bit more my speed:
Dress Dyeing

I can dress this up with some brightly colored beads, chunky bangles and platform wedges -OR – keep it breezy with sandals, a long medallion necklace and wooden bracelets.


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