Remix Remix

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by my urge to shop lately, so I think I’m going get back into the wardrobe remix. I have so many clothes that never get moved into regular rotation. The last time I did this I came up with several outfits that I really enjoyed and never would have put together otherwise.

Close up 2

Have you tried the wardrobe remix?


2 thoughts on “Remix Remix

  1. your hair is such a pretty pretty color! I’m SO bored with my wardrobe lately. I work in a corporate office, so I don’t have tons of freedom when it comes to what I wear. I think that’s kind of moved me into somewhat of a slump for my office attire. Outside of work, I wear whatever I want, though!

  2. Thank you so much! I also work in an office but luckily they are pretty lenient with our dress code. I still feel like I have been leaning towards middle of the road clothes though.
    Time to shake that habit!

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