Quick shop

I’m lucky enough to have a Good Will located a couple of miles from where I work. I took a quick trip over there this afternoon. Unfortunately, this particular GW is not very fruitful in terms of vintage items. In addition to mostly new stuff, they also have some bizarre brand-new items. There were several pairs of platform sneakers that I found particularly perplexing. I wish I went back and took a picture!

I found a couple of cool dresses, but they were either too big or made of the dreaded polyester.
I am in love with the pattern of this one:

This piece of … art??… was especially intriguing. The more I look at it, the more I want to go back and buy it.

Oh! I also discovered that you can make eggs in the microwave today. This had never occurred to me before.

This afternoon, at the suggestion of Chelsea Lauren, I’m listening to Elizabeth and the Catapult.

The verdict is… GUILTY… of being awesome. Her voice is really beautiful. They even do a cover of Everybody Knows. SO yeah. Yay.


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