Inspiration for Decoration

Tonight I went through the pile of magazines I’ve been accumulating over the past year in the hopes of finding some inspiration for decorating my home. We’ve been here for about a year and a half are so sick of looking at white walls throughout the entire house.

Walking into a paint store, I get the same feeling I used to get walking into a CD store or Blockbuster – totally overwhelmed and unable to focus on exactly what I want. It’s like I immediately forget what I like.

This wound up being really helpful. I now have a much better idea of what direction(s) I want to move in.

PS – I did this while watching a Party Down marathon. That show is hilarious!

Here are some (unfortunately dark) snapshots of the pictures I chose:


I seem to be drawn to buttery yellows, mossy greens and pale blues. And look at that wallpaper with the birds! I doubt I’ll find something like it, but a girl can dream! Maybe I can even paint some little birdies on the wall? I don’t know…

Also,  I need to get my hands on that owl corkscrew asap!

Also, I wanted to share these adorable shoes I got from Target:
So cute – and comfortable!

Finally, there was a crazy squirrel in our yard this morning. He was chomping down on pine cones and running around like a maniac. I had to get a picture!
He cracks me up… and reminds me of my little Martinitown.

Also, good news! I found my book! Yay.


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