Romper Room!

Around this time last year, I was dreaming about rompers.

I had my eye on this one in particular… though now I’m kind of getting a scary J-Lo vibe from it. In Jersey you have to be careful as you tread the fine line. Accessories and shoes could take this guy in either direction. (Think giant hoop earrings/gold chain belt/ spike booties vs. hair in a french twist/ thin red patent belt/ retro cherry red wedges or sling-backs.)

Source: Arden B from last year

This year, I’m having no luck with the styles I’ve tried on. Most of them are drop-waisted, which does NOT look good on me. For instance I lovelovelove this, but I know it would make me look like a disaster.


In my case, I think I would do best in a fitted, retro style as opposed to the cutesy flouncy ones. (For me, this is a rule of thumb for all clothing, though I often forget!)

So in keeping with those criteria:

Source: Anthropologie

I don’t know if I could pull this off, but it’s the sweetest thing ever:

Source: Modcloth

I’d love this if it was black with white dots:

Source: Modcloth

What are your thoughts on rompers? I know a lot of people think they’re stupid. I just think they look so comfy – and easy!

Have you seen any cute ones in stores or online?


7 thoughts on “Romper Room!

  1. I’ve been eyeing them myself lately too even though I declared never to wear a onesie. They do look comfortable, except for the “having to stand naked in a port-o-potty when you go to the bathroom” thing.

    Spotted these at Charlotte Russe

    I particularly love this one at Modcloth, but again I can’t bring myself to spend $90 on a onesie

  2. I totally agree about the bunchy waist thing. I don’t spend hours at the gym to try and look like I could smuggle a watermelon out of the grocery sore a la Jane’s Addiction. lol

  3. Oh man I can’t pick a favorite! But I’m the same – they do NOT look good on me! I think I maybe too short to look cute in them – you need long legs lol But I do love looking and wish I could wear em 😉

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