Inspiration from Oklahoma!

I would like to share two lovely bits of inspiration from Oklahoma today.

1. Red Dirt Revival is a new vintage shop run by the lovely Chelsea. She’s got some really beautiful items and her prices are SUPER reasonable.
Three items that I’m eyeing?

Purple is my favorite color. And this just looks co comfy!

I want an Enid Collins bag so bad it hurts. This one is adorable.

These shoes are really interesting and they look like they’ve never been worn!

Actually – this would make a pretty sweet ensemble!

2. Somehow on my morning internet stroll, I stumbled upon the music of Samantha Crain. She reminds me a bit of Jolie Holland (who I lurrrrrve). And she’s just adorable to boot. You should really go to her website and listen to the streaming music ASAP. Seriously. I’ll wait.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration from Oklahoma!

  1. Heylo
    I stumbled your blog from the flickr 30 day challenge!
    I just couldn’t resist leaving a comment on this post.
    I live in Oklahoma and saw Samantha a few months ago.
    She is great live! So if you get a chance to see her, GO!
    Also, she played with Langhorne Slim. You should check him out!

  2. Hi Alicia – thanks so much for taking the time to write! That’s awesome that you got to see her. Ironically, after I posted this, I saw she played in Brooklyn and I missed it. D’oh!
    I’ll definitely check out Langhorne Slim.
    I actually came across her via a friend from high school’s Facebook page. He plays in a band called Hoots and Hellmouth and I guess they played a couple of shows with her. You should give them a listen!

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