I’m back

I’m back.

Actually, I’ve been home for a few days getting back into the swing of things. Last week I took a last-minute trip down to Florida. My Dad had to have surgery – while on vacation! I’m so happy to report that he is recovering by leaps and bounds each day. We’re hoping he’ll be back home in the next week or two. Thanks for sending any positive energy our way!

I didn’t bring my camera, so these are just phone pics… as usual.

I was staying about 1/2 hour away from where my family was but the drive was so beautiful.

I stopped under this bridge to see what was going on..

And I met this guy. He hung out about 5 feet away from me the whole time I sat there.

Along the highway, there are inlets with small beaches.

This one became my personal zen center.

It was my daily stop to decompress and renew.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been keeping busy. I have lots to update about so stay tuned this weekend.


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