I’m traveling for the next few days on some serious family stuff. If you have any extra good, positive, healthy thoughts lying around, please send them my way. I’m collecting as many as possible.

In the mean time, here are a bunch of plane window pictures. Being tens of thousands of feet in the air, looking down on the gorgeous patchwork of land is so incredibly moving and inspiring. I love the different textures of the landscapes. I could gaze out that window for hours… Lucky for me, I’m about to do it again.

Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Tapestries…

  1. I’m not very good with the peptalks, but I’ll send my best mojo and good vibes your way. Keep your chin up!

    (And thanks for taking a moment to stop by my ol’ blog! I’m glad I’m not alone in my anti-cleaning excuses. ;] )

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