Back to the drawing board…

So, let me be honest.

I’m easily distracted and am always thinking 5 steps ahead. I’m usually in the middle of five or six projects and/ or books at a time. Clearly this means that many of my well-intentioned projects fall by the wayside or get surpassed by the next big idea.

I have a little black book with me 99% of the time. I use it to write down ideas as I get them; to sketch a potential design or pattern;  to vent about what’s blocking me; and sometimes just to doodle through a fit of boredom.  It is not organized in any particular way. It’s part words, part drawings, part chord progressions and part glue sticked ticket stubs. Most importantly, it’s a part of me – an extension of my often muddled mind.

For me, having my little black book is crucial when I’m feeling like my ideas or energy levels are running low. Finding inspiration in other creative people is refreshing and fun, but I think it’s important for me to look inside, reflect and remember where I’m coming from.

Here are some snapshots from my book…

These little faceless ladies show up all over my books – going back several years!

I even used the drawing below on promotional bookmarks for an event I attended last year.

When I notice a theme, it’s time for me to act on it.

I’m not sure how I’m going to use them, but I feel like it’s time to see where they take me.

How do you keep track of your big ideas?

How do you find inspiration within yourself?


3 thoughts on “Back to the drawing board…

  1. wow… I really love these faceless ladies. I think they’d be gorgeous as a grouping over a sofa or in a powder room or dressing room.
    Jump on that train, girl. These are going to be big 🙂

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