Monday Monday

Today is my first back back to work since having surgery.  It’s a bit of an adjustment to say the least. Below is a snapshot of my desk. My dog-a-day calendar gives me a smile each day… Though I’m having a little separation anxiety from my pups, I think.

In honor of shaking my back-to-work-blues, I’m listening to Miles Davis on Pandora and I’m going making a little list of happy things to share with you!

Over the weekend, my friend MK and I had a sleepover with our gang of dogs. Hahahha. Is that weird? I don’t think so.
Here is the crew:

Last week, I ordered the 1964 McCall’s Needlework Treasury and today I received it in the mail! I cannot wait to dig in. I’m giddy.

A list of happy things would not be complete without this picture of Mousey grooming Martini. It was soooo funny to watch. It went on for several minutes!!!  Oh I miss them.

Also, Mark Bittman has launched a new website today and I LOVE me some Mark Bittman. Stop by and check it out – his cookbooks really gave me a better understanding of cooking. His recipes are easy, consistently delicious and he offers lots of substitution options. All of this is presented in a very conversational way. Hooray, Mark Bittman! Congrats on your new site!


Hope you have a happy week!


3 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Can I just say that I LOVE the idea of a doggie sleep over?! So fun. We’re getting ready to take our dog on vacation with us for the first time ever! It’s a road trip and we’re staying with family, luckily! I bet she’ll love it 🙂

  2. Hi. I’m trying to research the earliest use of the term “Kitchener stitch” and one of the books that Google won’t let me search online is your “new” book, the 1964 edition of the McCall’s Needlework Treasury. Please tell me whether that book uses the term “Kitchener stitch” and if possible, on what page. It’s the earliest implied reference that I’ve found so far.

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