Crochet today…

While perusing crochet magazines for some inspiration, I happened upon the magazine Crochet Today. I really like it! This issue has a ton of patterns and they’re really modern and cute. I’m thrilled to have found it since some of the other mags are… well, not really my speed.

I’m in the process of making this sweater for myself  (gasp – I rarely  make things for myself!) The pattern called for Stitch Nation yarn in Beach Glass. I’m in love with the color and feels sooo soft.

I’m not usually a pattern person. I generally just kind of make up what I’m doing as I go. However, I’ve found that following patterns is a great way to learn new techniques! (Duh!)

The texture of the sweater is very exciting to me. I keep stopping to admire it. It looks so much nicer in real life (as opposed to the phone pic below…) Its just alternating DC and SC – who knew?! Not me!

So yay! Lots of craftiness happening over in these parts.

I’ll leave you with some very snuggly pictures of some very sleepy pups.

LOVE them.


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