Great Granny Square Swap!

The last couple of weeks have been a little chaotic. I’ve been writing music, making necklaces, catching up with friends and making granny squares.

Here are the squares I made for Amber’s Great Granny Square Swap.
Granny Squares

Granny Squares

Granny Squares

I have another update coming up with the necklaces I’ve been working on.


9 thoughts on “Great Granny Square Swap!

  1. Where do you get the little shrink wrap packaging for the stuff you make/sell? I just made a buncha little magnets that I cant wait to put up on etsy, and I needed some advice on how to package them….

    1. I actually got those from a craft supply swap in JC. If you do a search for cello bags or cellophane bags there are lots of options.
      Good luck! And let me know when you get Etsy-fied. I’m actually thinking of opening another shop… 1 for art and 1 for other handmade stuff.

  2. o sweet I’ll give that a search! Yea I’ll let ya know… I opened a shop already , I just haven’t posted anything yet… still tryin to figure out the whole process lol

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