March Roundup!

Tomorrow begins my April Challenge! To be honest, I’m a little anxious about it already! This should be interesting.

To make up for my spotty blogging this past month, I’m posting a roundup of fun stuff I’ve had going on over the past couple of weeks!

A surprise package of clothes from the big city! Thanks, Bev!!!

I worked on some more hand-drawn pendants…

I hung out with these cool dudes…


Did some reflecting in my neighborhood:


AND I made this dope necklace out of washers and the tie from my sweatpants…

Photo on 2010-03-31 at 19.59 #4

Hope you had a happy March and an even happier April!
Don’t forget about the big challenge!


2 thoughts on “March Roundup!

  1. omigosh! yay! its so cute to see my box on the other side. hehehe. good luck with your april challenge! i have faith in you.

    …and i could look at pictures of your doggies all day. is that weird?

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